Part 4: Marcel Dupré – the pedagogue

Part 4: Marcel Dupré – the pedagogue

Organists traveled from all over the world to study with Dupré at the Paris Conservatoire or as private students at his home in Meudon. For organ lessons, he left behind several established instructional works from which one can learn a lot about his understanding of music. But he also wrote charming little pedagogical miniatures for the conservatoire in Troyes or for the famous series Répertoire moderne de Vocalises-Études by A. L. Hettich, for which Ravel, Villa-Lobos, Fauré, and others had already composed contributions. Two of his private pupils will have their say.

Interview partners: Dominique Rebourgeon, Michel Tissier, Ben van Oosten, Olivier Latry, Jeremy Filsell
Music: Morçeau de Lecture pour piano; Concours d’Harmonie; Vocalise-Étude

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Episode 5 online from 25 July 2021

Part 4: Marcel Dupré - the pedagogue

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