Part 2: Marcel Dupré – the song composer

Part 2: Marcel Dupré – the song composer

Dupré is better known as a composer of serious music. However, in his early years, he also set light libretti to music, which resulted in two collections of songs: Quatre Mélodies and A l’amie perdue, which were published during his lifetime.
Prof. Helmut Deutsch and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Linke show links to other song cycles of this period. In addition to the music, Prof. Dr. Albert Gier points out special features of the libretti.
The simple Mélodie pour Marcelle Perroux will be heard for the first time.

Interview partners: Prof. Helmut Deutsch, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Linke, Prof. Dr. Albert Gier,
Music: excerpts from A l’amie perdue (O les divins moments, Quand je l’embrasserai, Si mon amour); Mélodie pour Marcelle Perroux

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Episode 3 online from 27 June 2021

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